Water Utility

Potable water is available to all properties within the Village and is provided by the North Shore Water Commission (NSWC). Glendale, Fox Point, and Whitefish Bay share in the water pumping and purification of Lake Michigan water at the Glendale plant. The Village does all the water billing for its own residents. Water billing is handled by the Village to account for charges for treatment from NSWC, capital improvement projects, wages and benefits from employees, and other expenses. The Public Service Commission (PSC) monitors this process.

Lead Testing

Water Collection kits are available through the WI State Laboratory of Hygiene for $34 per sample (lead test only). For more information, contact the WI State Laboratory of Hygiene at (800) 442-4618. 

Reporting a Water Main Break

Occasionally, the pipes (mains) used to carry water throughout the Village can develop a leak. This is called a main break. Typically, when a break occurs, residents will notice water seeping or bubbling up from cracks in the street or through the grass in the parkway. If you think you have found a water main break, please call the Village Hall at 414-962-6690.

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