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Prioritized Stormwater Education Needs List for Whitefish Bay

  1. Prioritized Stormwater Education Needs List for Whitefish Bay
  2. Stormwater Education Needs Assessment Questionnaire

    The Village of Whitefish Bay’s stormwater education needs are identified in the questionnaire below. They include a brief description of the need, justification for the need, and anticipated target audience and/or target pollutants. 

    Please rank these identified educational "needs" as you feel appropriate on a scale of:

    HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW priority. 

  3. #1 Description

    Activity to encourage paired residential infiltration in neighborhoods near Wilson Drive pedestrian safety and GI project.

  4. Justification

    Whitefish Bay received a grant to add pedestrian safety elements along a stretch of road. The construction will take place during the permit term and will include some green infrastructure elements. 

    Residents generally receive mailers notifying them of upcoming local construction projects, but interactive feedback and learning activities are generally not included. This is an opportunity to gauge knowledge of green infrastructure, teach about benefits, and generate interest in residential infiltration and pollution prevention. It may also be possible to introduce a method to quantify rain capture. 

  5. Target Audience

    Whitefish Bay residents living near Wilson Dr

  6. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue

    Stormwater Infiltration

  7. #2 Description

    Activity to encourage mulching/bagging of leaves and grass on private property.

  8. Justification

    Currently, residents can rake leaves into the street where they are picked up.  There has been an internal push to mulch but there are no metrics on the effort. A more formal push to increase mulching and bagging of leaves would be beneficial. 

  9. Target Audience

    Private property owners/DPW staff

  10. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue



  11. #3 Description

    Continue to address residential infiltration via educating residents and staff on opportunities.

  12. Justification

    Whitefish Bay has certain areas of high inflow and infiltration. Whitefish Bay has addressed many of these issues. An engineer that the village contracts with has been meeting with MMSD to discuss the future of inflow and infiltration. There may be an opportunity to partner with MMSD to incentivize residents to take action. 

  13. Target Audience

    Developers, residents in high inflow/infiltration areas

  14. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue


  15. #4 Description

    Activity to streamline reporting protocol for illicit discharge detection and promote the new protocol.

  16. Justification

    Residents generally call the police or village hall to report illicit discharges seen throughout the village. There is also a facebook group that receives activity. Although reports are made, the village could benefit from a standard protocol that is simple, easy to find, and trackable. 

  17. Target Audience

    Internal municipal staff

  18. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue


  19. #5 Description

    Work with BID to educate on FOG, spill response and employee training.

  20. Justification

    Whitefish Bay has an active BID that puts on multiple events in the village. Not specific to Whitefish Bay’s businesses, but in general, there is benefit in providing education that covers FOG (fats, oils, grease), spill response and general pollution prevention protocols. 

  21. Target Audience

    Business community

  22. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue

    Commercial pollution (FOG)

  23. #6 Description

    Formalize process of gatherings LTMA’s and inspecting private BMP’s, include education component

  24. Justification

    There are fewer than 5 private BMPs in Whitefish Bay, and the village is able to obtain and manage the LTMAs. These BMP owners could be a defined target audience to directly educate about maintenance and inspections. 

  25. Target Audience

    Municipal staff and BMP owners

  26. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue


  27. #7 Description

    Develop a script to address most common stormwater( WFB to define) topic(s) inquiries and complaints received from resident.

  28. Justification

    Develop a script to address this common stormwater topic. A formalized call log to track calls on various stormwater related topics would be a helpful mechanism to aid in evaluating effectiveness of certain outreach campaigns or actions that occur in the village. 

  29. Target Audience

    Municipal staff

  30. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue


  31. #8 Description

    Internal review stormwater fee reduction for residents who install engineered GI, possible modifications to increase accessibility.

  32. Justification

    Whitefish Bay offers a reduced stormwater fee for residents who install “engineered” GI. They do not receive many applications, likely because of the complications of the “engineered” requirement.  There could be value in simplifying and promoting this program to increase GI adoption in the Village.

  33. Target Audience

    Property owners, municipal staff 

  34. Targeted Pollutants/Stormwater Quality Issue



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