Ad Hoc Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee

Committee Overview 

At the regular Village Board meeting on December 18, 2017, the Village Board created an Ad Hoc Residential Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee. Committee meetings will be open to the public, and the Village will work to promote the meetings so that interested individuals will be able attend and participate in the process. Potential discussion topics could include:

  • Design Guidelines and Zoning Code Provisions
  • Demolition process
  • ARC process
  • Review of specific teardown/rebuild projects
  • Others as requested by the committee

2018 Adopted Recommendations

On 12/3/18 the Village Board adopted the following changes as a result of the work and recommendations provided by Ad Hoc Residential Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee:

  • Newly appointed ARC and BOA members will participate in an educational session with the Village Attorney.
  • "Refresher'' educational sessions will take place for both ARC and BOA every three years or on as-needed basis.
  • The ARC submittal deadline was increased from 10 days to 17 days to allow additional time to provide notice to residents residing within the "Design Area" of a specific proposal. The increased deadline also ensures that ARC will not review a previously tabled proposal unless a minimum of 17 days has passed (i.e. to encourage additional time for applicants incorporate ARC feedback in revised plans).
  • To require Floor Area Ratio data points be provided for all properties located within the project design area and to require submittal of the existing and proposed square footage, existing and proposed Floor Area Ratio, lot dimensions, setbacks, and height be provided for the subject property (data intended to provide additional tools for ARC members to analyze the scale and massing of a proposed structure).
  • To require full plan sets for new homes and additions to be included in the meeting packet and to require posting of full plan sets and written feedback online.
  • Creation of a revised project review checklist aimed at facilitating consistent review of projects.
  • To include ARC project checklists in the corresponding meeting minutes.
  • Granting the Building Inspector approval authority over pergolas, arbors, garages and sheds to enable ARC to focus on larger scale projects.
  • Revised definition of "Design Area".

The majority of the revised submittal requirements became effective with the ARC meeting that was held on March 7, 2019.

Next Steps

The Ad Hoc Review Committee will reconvene in late summer or early fall 2019 to examine the impacts of the aforementioned adopted modifications.

Agendas and Minutes 

Agendas are typically available several days prior the meeting. At a minimum, agendas are posted within the time-frames required by Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law.  Minutes are available following approval by the Ad Hoc Teardown/Rebuild Review Committee. Please click the following link to view Recent Agendas and Minutes.


Village Trustee Carl Fuda (Chairperson)

Village Trustee Tara Serebin

ARC Representative Roy Wagner

Meg Baniukiewicz

Lynn Ludke

Sarah Malik