Reporting Crimes or Incidents

To report crimes or incidents contact the Bayside Communication Center at 414-351-9900, in an emergency dial 911. Below is a list of what to provide when calling North Shore Dispatch:
  • A description of the suspect(s) involved: Clothing, race, sex, age, height, weight and last direction of travel. If you know the suspects name, tell the Dispatcher.
  • A description of the vehicle involved (if applicable): Color, make and model, license plate, last direction of travel.
  • A detailed description of the incident including injuries, weapons, and number of people involved.
  • Your name and phone number: Many times officers will need to ask follow-up questions or have you make a statement in order to make an arrest or complete a report.
  • Although a person reporting an incident may request to remain anonymous it is important to understand that the United States Supreme Court has established limitations on how anonymous reports are handled by law enforcement. Restrictions exist on how anonymous information may be used by the police.
  • If you wish to know the disposition of the call you have reported, and you are not calling as anonymous, advise the dispatcher to make the officer aware you would like to be contacted. As a general rule you will be contacted by phone by the officer. At times officers may not be able to provide information due to the nature of the incident.