Personal Safety

  • Stay in well-lit areas at night and try to stay in areas where there are a lot of people (foot and vehicular traffic) during all times of the day.
  • If you are leaving your house make sure you tell someone where you are going and who you will be with. If something were to happen to you, your family and the police would have a good place to start looking.
  • If you have a child who has a cell phone, request that they check in every hour or two. Make sure that when they are going somewhere that they call you to let you know they arrived safely. Furthermore, request that they answer the phone if you call or respond to you if you send them a text message.
  • If you own a cell phone always carry it with you and make sure that the battery is charged. Make sure that your local police department and fire department phone numbers are in your phone book. If you need to call for help, you will have a hard time remembering the proper phone numbers to dial. If they are preset in your phone you will be able to get the help you need quickly. When in doubt, dial 911 in an emergency.