Board of Review

Commission Overview 

The Board of Review consists of seven citizens appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board. The Board of Review is responsible for reviewing assessment appeals.  More information about Board of Review operations can be found via the State Department of Revenue website. 

Assessment Review Information

Please click here to view information regarding the Whitefish Bay assessment process and how to request a review of your assessment. 

Typical Meeting Time and Location

  • First Board of Review meeting is held a minimum of seven days after the assessment roll is open for examination.  Other hearings are scheduled based on based on property owner appeals to assessments.  
  • Village Hall


Michael Harrigan, Member
Term Expires: 2027

Robert Mulcahy, Alternate
Term Expires: 2023

Vacant, Member
Term Expires: 2026

Jeremy McKenzie, Member
Term Expires: 2026

Michael Dwyer, Member
Term Expires: 2024

Samuel Dettmann, Alternate
Term Expires: 2023

Kristin Langhoff, Member
Term Expires: 2027

Members are appointed to 5 year terms (alternates to 1 year terms) that expire on May 1st of each term year.